Drugs and anxieties – A destructive mix

Drugs are often called “escapism”. Taking a drug, this theory goes, allows you to escape from whatever’s bothering you. Nothing could be further from the truth. This very stupid idea may be indirectly responsible for the excessive use of drugs.

If you consider the deadly range of common drugs now so easy to find everywhere, “escape” is a pretty ridiculous notion. Ice, crack, and coke are problem creators for their users. These drugs are associated with violent crime and truly destructive behavior. Saying these things are a form of escape is like saying that you can find peace in an environment which is basically an endless war zone.

If you’re a sensitive person with anxieties, these drugs are guaranteed to make things a lot worse, fast. If you thought you had problems before, they’ll take you to a whole new level of trouble.

No, you’re not imagining the problems with drugs

These drugs are essentially poisons. They affect the body, creating serious health problems over time, sometimes surprisingly quickly.

  • Methamphetamine, aka Ice, is famous for “shrivelling” its users. People seem to age years in a few weeks. They look unhealthy, and they are. Their metabolism and organs are under incredible stress. Methamphetamine could easily be called the “grow old and get depression instantly” drug, and it brings with it liver, kidney and other issues, as well as a massive emotional down when it wears off.
  • Ice destroys relationships. It’s a universal sign of ice usage, the sudden destruction of close relationships, often including physical violence and severe emotional trauma.
  • Crack is a killer, physically and emotionally. This shoddy, unpredictable, nasty drug has decades of documentation as a life wrecker. People simply become mindless users, and their lives fall apart. The downside to that situation is that the process always gets worse.
  • Cocaine eats money and health. Mix it with alcohol and say goodbye to your organs. It’s the glitzy version of crack, and it’s just as bad in its own way.
  • Prescription drugs, especially pain killers, are addictive and part of a thriving and expensive black market. They’ll give you the pains of withdrawals and financial problems, and organ damage, to go with the pains they’re supposed to treat.

Getting out of harm’s way

A new type of rehab is making progress in this unappealing environment of drug-induced misery. Drug rehab with a faith-based approach is achieving excellent results.

It seems that faith based rehabs are much better in terms of creating a good, safe environment in which to rehabilitate. These centers work through creating a healthier, systematic, and ordered environment for patients to re-orient.

That’s an important point – Beating drug addiction is a matter of both avoiding the environment of drugs and restoring objectivity. A new mindset and new orientation helps to break the habituated cycle of drug use.

Important – Don’t expect a drug problem to cure itself. You need to get out the war zone. Check out your rehab options, grab a phone, and get moving. You won’t regret it.

Drug rehab – How to save your own life

If you really do know what “drug problems” and real addiction mean in terms of the sheer destruction they cause to your life, you know you need help. You know need to get out of the blender, before you become chopped liver.

Define the problems to define the fix

The classic modern drugs of self destruction are methamphetamine, aka ice, crack, and cocaine. These are addictive drugs. They create a physical and mental compulsion to use them. They cost you money, relationships, and your health.

These are very nasty drugs. There’s no upside to these things. They can do immense physical damage.

Ice basically ages people. After a few months of use, a 20 year old can look like a 40 year old. Users often have lesions on their faces and bodies caused by the drug. They also often have scars caused by the many “accidents” and fights that go with using an extremely powerful stimulant.

Crack is similar. This notoriously toxic substance can cause all sorts of health issues, spiked with anything and everything. People have been known to drop dead with no easy explanation after prolonged use. Usage is compulsive, and endless. Life becomes a hunt to score more crack, literally at the expense of everything else.

Cocaine starts by sending you broke, then moves on to destroying your liver. Even a minor liver problem can be horrible, and coke guarantees problems. Cocaine is very toxic, and the downward spiral is appalling. Again, all costs and no rewards, unless you consider a few minutes of an expensive, fizzy, unfocused, airhead feeling to be some sort of major personal achievement.

The way out

Any ex-user will tell you there’s only one way to really fix the problems – Get out of there, now! Get help. Get away from the habit, before it destroys you. That means getting right out of the environment.

Find a rehab center. Find a place which is as far away as you can get from it. The big issue here is where to go. It’s a very good idea to make a total break from the environment.

You need a different mental environment, too. A good rehab center delivers a new mindset, as well as help with detox and un-destroying your physical health.

Weston Rehab is a Christian Drug Rehab Center in San Antonio, TX. You can find them online, and see how they work.

The new environment in these faith-based rehab centers is based on a caring, supportive environment which is safe and clean. Given that the drug use environment is uncaring, anything but supportive, extremely dangerous, and usually very unsanitary, you can see why so many drug rehab patients appreciate this new environment so much.

The faith based drug rehab centers deliver a lot of positives, with compassion. Most importantly, they also deliver experienced help, which is critical to managing drug rehab programs. They know it’s hard. They know it’s difficult and traumatic. They’re there to help. Check out your options online, pick up a phone, and get moving. Your ticket out of hell is right here.

Hipochondria: The Adversity In Mind

Hypochondria is the perplex, maniac-level of worrying about the state of your health – specifically in the body, to the degree that it produces distress, and impacts your every second decision.

Individuals are often noted to have a state of health anxiety that inexplicably levels and disengages them physically, and leads to them experiencing physical symptoms, such as chest pains, which, later, they go on to believe are symbolic of coming diseases in spite of the doctor’s disdain and assurance that they will be perfectly healthy.

What is causal in the rapid state of anxiety?

With the onset of stressful situations and events in our lives, we may be lead into hypochondria. There may have been death in the family which resulted in a heightened state of awareness and fright.

At times, health anxiety can be a symptom of a mental illness, namely, the state of depression.

The damage of alcoholism and anxiety

The use of alcohol can drastically make worse by psychological problems of stress that lead to hypochondria.

Heightened worrying can be triggered by an excessive over-indulgence of under-controlled thinking, and the thoughts habitual can cause even more anxiety, which just worsens the symptoms.

The attitude of expectation tends to lead to positive and negative results. Alcoholism and anxiety can work together with negative thinking to develop problems that can not be overcome by medication. For example, should you examine yourself for illness, spots, or bodily problems, you will eventually find something harmful to yourself.

The discovery, however, leads invariably to instigate heightened anxiety.

Reassurance from doctors, friends and family may become something unheeded. The comfort or continual safe-guarding by family members may lead to you stop believing it, and your overall health may decline. This means you need more and more external guidance.

People with health anxiety that couple their poor thought processes alongside alcoholism need:

  • To Develop A Ritual of Self-Awareness – begin studying books that encourage self-awareness and developing purpose, persistence, clear-thinking and positive attitudes
  • Immediate Attention from A Holistic Healer – to painstakingly avoid medical advice on Google, television sequels, GP appointments and all other activities that might develop or heighten the acute sensitivity to fear and anxiety.